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Kids Without Cancer – The Legacy and Planned Giving Program

Offering door-to-door transportation services throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada, Tri-National Inc. is based in Earth City, Missouri. Recognized as “Truckload Carrier of the Year” on a number of occasions by Johnson Controls, Inc., it has developed a reputation for reliability and quality. Tri-National Inc. also works with a number of charitable organizations, including Kids Without Cancer.

People can help the organization in a number of ways, such as by donating directly, volunteering their skills for fundraising, or other tasks that the organization needs to carry out.

However, one of its most important initiatives is the Legacy and Planned Giving program. The program offers people the opportunity to leave behind a legacy through a planned giving strategy that is developed by the organization in conjunction with the donor’s financial advisors. The planned gifts, which stem from the donor’s assets and not from their income, can include trusts, wills, real estate, and a number of other gifts.


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